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Black or White 121 min   PG-13 
7:00pm*      9:40pm*     
Chappie 120 min   R 
1:30pm*       4:20pm*       7:10pm*       10:00pm*      
Child 44 137 min   R 
12:35pm*       3:45pm       7:05pm       10:40pm      
Cinderella 112 min   PG 
10:45am*       2:00pm*       4:45pm      
11:50am*      2:35pm*      5:25pm      8:15pm     
11:00am*       1:45pm*       4:25pm       7:15pm       10:00pm      
11:35am*       2:15pm*       4:45pm       7:15pm       9:55pm      
David and Goliath  min   Nonbsp;Rating 
11:05am*      1:30pm*      3:55pm*     
Focus 104 min   R 
1:20pm*       4:10pm*       6:40pm*       9:10pm*      
Furious 7 137 min   PG-13 
10:20am*       10:40am*       12:40pm*       1:30pm*       4:00pm      
4:40pm       6:30pm       7:50pm       9:30pm       10:00pm      
11:45am*      12:50pm*      2:50pm*      4:00pm*      6:00pm     
7:15pm      9:10pm     
11:00am*       12:00pm*       1:00pm*       3:10pm       4:10pm      
6:25pm       7:20pm       9:35pm       10:30pm      
12:00pm*       3:00pm*       6:00pm       9:00pm      
Furious 7: The IMAX Experience 137 min   PG-13 
11:00am       2:00pm       5:00pm       8:00pm       11:00pm      
Get Hard 100 min   R 
8:00pm       10:50pm      
1:45pm*      4:20pm*      7:00pm      9:35pm     
12:10pm*       2:40pm       5:15pm       8:00pm       10:35pm      
12:35pm*       3:10pm*       5:40pm       8:10pm       10:40pm      
Home 96 min   PG 
11:00am*       4:10pm       6:40pm      
12:00pm*      2:25pm*      4:55pm*      7:25pm     
11:15am*       12:20pm*       1:40pm*       2:55pm       4:20pm      
6:50pm       7:50pm       9:30pm      
11:15am*       1:45pm*       4:15pm       6:45pm       9:20pm      
Home 3D 96 min   PG 
1:25pm*       9:20pm      
It Follows 97 min   R 
Jupiter Ascending 127 min   PG-13 
12:30pm*       3:30pm*       6:50pm*       9:35pm*      
Kingsman: The Secret Service 129 min   R 
Monkey Kingdom 81 min   G 
10:30am*       1:50pm*       3:50pm*       7:10pm       9:40pm      
12:05pm*      2:20pm*      4:35pm*      6:50pm      9:00pm     
12:30pm*       2:45pm       5:05pm       7:25pm       9:40pm      
12:30pm*       2:45pm*       5:10pm       7:30pm       9:45pm      
Paddington 95 min   PG 
1:40pm*       4:30pm*      
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 94 min   PG 
10:50am*       1:20pm*       4:20pm       7:00pm       11:00pm      
12:30pm*      1:40pm*      3:00pm*      4:10pm*      5:30pm     
6:40pm      8:00pm      9:20pm     
11:30am*       12:40pm*       1:55pm*       3:15pm       4:30pm      
5:40pm       7:10pm       8:15pm       9:45pm       10:40pm      
11:50am*       12:50pm*       2:20pm*       3:20pm*       4:50pm      
5:50pm       7:20pm       8:20pm       9:50pm       10:50pm      
Run All Night 114 min   R 
1:10pm*       3:40pm*       6:20pm*       9:20pm*      
Still Alice 99 min   PG-13 
12:40pm*       3:50pm*       6:10pm*       8:50pm*      
TCM Presents The Sound Of Music 50th Anniversary 190 min   Nonbsp;Rating 
2:00pm       7:00pm      
2:00pm       7:00pm      
The Divergent Series: Insurgent 119 min   PG-13 
10:40am*       1:35pm*       4:30pm       7:20pm       10:30pm      
11:45am*      2:40pm*      5:35pm      8:30pm     
1:10pm*       4:05pm       6:55pm       9:50pm      
11:10am*       2:05pm*       5:05pm       8:05pm       11:00pm      
The DUFF 100 min   PG-13 
1:00pm*       4:00pm*       6:30pm*       9:00pm*      
The Longest Ride 139 min   PG-13 
10:35am*       1:40pm*       4:50pm       7:30pm       10:40pm      
12:10pm*      3:10pm*      6:10pm      9:05pm     
12:25pm*       3:40pm       7:00pm       10:10pm      
12:20pm*       3:30pm*       6:30pm       9:30pm      
The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 122 min   PG 
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water 93 min   PG 
12:50pm*       3:30pm*       6:00pm*       8:40pm*      
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water 3D 93 min   PG 
12:30pm      5:30pm*     
True Story 100 min   R 
12:05pm*       2:35pm*       5:15pm       7:50pm       10:30pm      
Unfriended 82 min   R 
10:55am*       1:10pm*       3:20pm*       5:30pm       7:40pm      
1:00pm*      3:15pm*      5:20pm      7:35pm      9:45pm     
12:45pm*       3:05pm       5:30pm       7:45pm       10:05pm      
11:30am*       12:40pm*       1:50pm*       3:05pm*       4:20pm      
5:20pm       6:40pm       7:40pm       9:10pm       10:10pm      
While We're Young 94 min   R 
11:40am*       2:10pm*       4:40pm       7:10pm       9:40pm      
Woman in Gold 110 min   PG-13 
12:45pm*      3:30pm*      6:15pm      8:50pm     
11:40am*       2:20pm       5:00pm       7:40pm       10:20pm      
You're My Boss 120 min    
11:05am*       1:50pm*       4:40pm       7:30pm       10:25pm      

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